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30 Aug 2021

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Understanding the Differences Between WordPress versus Economic Gateway Websites

A Few Thoughts About WordPress

WordPress has been around since 2003. The code was developed as an open-source, standalone project. Like all open-source software, it's available for everyone to use and share because its design is publicly accessible. The WordPress platform was originally designed for blogs and was later adapted for more versatile purposes by a huge, and ever-growing community of contributors. WordPress sites offer a user-friendly content management tool that lets non-programmers build, update, and manage their websites. Because WordPress was coded with a limited purpose in mind, adapting it for other uses is done by incorporating various plug-ins. I know - it's a little confusing. Let us break it down for you.

Here are seven reasons why WordPress isn't the best option for your economic development website.

1. WordPress Isn't a Highly Secure Platform

Site administrators often unknowingly use outdated core software, plug-ins, themes, and other WordPress software. This practice leaves sites vulnerable to hackers. In fact, outdated code is one of the most common causes of hacked WordPress websites.

WordPress sites are expanded and enhanced by way of plug-in modules. Since each connection presents a potential entry point, those points where the plug-ins are connected are vulnerable to malware and hackers.

2. WordPress was Designed for Everyone, and Therefore Designed for Nobody in Particular

Adapting a WordPress site for your economic development organization is likely to leave you without some features you need, and with other features, you don't need in the form of long, excessive code.

3. WordPress Isn't Designed for High-Performance

Adding plug-ins (as mentioned above) can slow the site down even more.

4. WordPress Offers Very Limited Customer Service and User Support

Moreover, there's no guarantee that the creators of different plug-ins will work together to help you ensure your site is working properly or is restored to functionality, should one of the plug-ins crash. It's common for creators of plug-ins to discontinue updates as well, creating the potential for incompatibility in the future.

5. WordPress Sites Tend to Have Poor SEO Rankings

SEO is not something you want to slack on. This is how Google picks up your site and presents it to as many visitors as possible. Poor SEO rankings will lead to fewer and fewer site visitors.

6. WordPress Requires Regular Software Updates

Because the software is open-source, those updates can cause problems if the site's interface templates and plug-ins are no longer compatible with new updates.

7. WordPress Sites Tend to Offer Limited Analytics

If you don't know how many visitors your site is getting, and who is visiting, we've got a problem. You want to make sure your site is attracting your target audience and performing to its best ability. If you can see the analytics, you'll have no idea who your site is attracting.

Economic Gateway Websites are Strictly Designed for Economic Development Organizations

Economic Gateway was created by Golden Shovel Agency for economic development organizations specifically. They are designed for how EDOs communicate with site selectors, stakeholders, local businesses, and workforce. Tools like GIS Planning and Community Profile demographic tools can be added, as can real estate modules for future properties. WordPress cannot compete with this level of specific functionality.

Like WordPress sites, Economic Gateway websites are designed with a user-friendly interface that makes them easy for non-programmers to update, manage, and edit. Like WordPress sites, they're also expandable. However, because they're not open-source, additional modules for functionality integrate more smoothly and operate with far more security and reliability.

With Economic Gateway hosting, training, and a robust level of customer support are included. In fact, Golden Shovel's Gatekeeper service includes monthly client meetings. During these meetings, clients can request changes and updates to their sites as needed.

Economic Gateway websites are designed for SEO optimization and full integration with Google Analytics, Google Translation, and social media integration.

Because Economic Gateway is a vertical platform, it was designed with your current and anticipated needs in mind. You can get the modules and tools you need when you need them. That way your site won't be bogged down by anything you don't need.

If you have additional questions about WordPress versus Economic Gateway websites, click here, or contact Golden Shovel Agency today.

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