What's the Secret to Successful Economic Development Virtual Meetings?

What's the Secret to Successful Economic Development Virtual Meetings? Main Photo

23 Aug 2021

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Successful economic development virtual meetings can be a game-changer. Not only do virtual meetings save time and money, but they also allow you to augment reality at a level that does more than mimic real life. Anyone can become a virtual virtuoso. You simply need to be creative, enthusiastic, and ready to embrace the concept. Of course, it also helps to know a few ground rules for success. While the centerpiece of your meeting will be the immersive, 360-degree video FAM or Site-Specific Tour, it's up to you to create a powerful context, structure, and group dynamic for your event.

What's the Secret to Successful Economic Development Virtual Meetings?

Two words: Imagination & Planning. Here are eight tips:

Choose Your Platform to Set the Tone

If you want to meet face-to-face via webcam, you can host a basic Zoom meeting. If you go that route, encourage everyone to turn their cameras on, and leave them on.

If you want to take technology to the next level, invite your guests to join you in something that's even more immersive. Our PlaceVR Meetings App is complete with custom avatars and adds a whole new VR dimension. make the avatars as polished or as playful as you'd like.

Both Zoom and the PlaceVR Meetings App will let you share any of your 360-degree VR videos. To heighten the level of realism and novelty, send your guests VR headsets ahead of time. While you're at it, send a few fun promotional items from your locale.

Limit the Invitations

Even the most focused professional can succumb to the temptation to let their minds wander, or even multitask while attending a large virtual meeting. If you limit your attendees to no more than a small handful, they'll feel a stronger sense of social presence and that will help them stay committed to the event. You can also kick off the meeting with a larger group and then divide them into smaller breakout groups. If holding a small virtual meeting seems impossible, consider hosting a series of meetings, or host a webinar or Facebook live streaming event instead.

Extend Warm Hospitality

Even though you'll be in separate locations, consider catering the event remotely. People love having food delivered to their door! Welcome each guest upon arrival, and make sure everyone introduces themselves at the beginning of the meeting.

Structure Smartly

Your virtual meeting needs a leader (and/or designated subject matter experts), an agenda with time constraints, a short introduction that ensures everyone in attendance knows how to use the interface and VR features, as well as how to work the chat and ask questions. Depending on its length, intensity, and time of day, it may also need a built-in break.

Make it Easy to Attend

Make sure invitees get clear login instructions. Make sure all graphics and maps are easy to see and read, and that all media is easy to see and hear.

Record the Meeting

Promptly send that recording to anyone who couldn't attend.

Follow Up

Send a prompt, personalized "thank you" to all attendees. Answer any questions you were unable to answer in real-time. This is your chance to move the relationship forward.

Have Fun!

People are more open to new experiences, and more likely to remember them if they're having fun. Lighten up and encourage some spontaneity to ensure your virtual meeting feels planned, not "canned."

If you're interested in learning more about the secret to successful economic development virtual meetings, or if you want to consider producing a customer VR experience for your location, click here.