Build a Brand with a Global Presence

Your brand is your identity. As an economic development organization, the brand you promote crafts your community's identity. What do you want to convey to people at the local coffee shop or to the potential companies with a global presence?

What is your economic development brand?

The brand of your economic development organization is influenced by how and where you communicate, whether it be through your website, social media platforms, newsletters, office visit, or during phone discussions. Working with Golden Shovel Agency instantly positions your organization in the global arena as we leverage the experience gained assisting our growing portfolio of international partners. Our creative team are experts in economic development and can analyze your existing brand or start fresh to identify the key personality and promise you wish to convey. Our team can assist with developing branding and identity, marketing materials, and booth design.

Our economic development branding experts will offer iterations of a logo, provide supporting elements, including taglines, and demonstrate how the brand should be used across a wide variety of applications (e.g., letterhead, online, collateral). Additionally, the result of our brand development process is a style guide to create a consistent set of guidelines that can be used by others charged with building your brand presence.

Contact us today to discuss how Golden Shovel Agency can help deliver the perfect brand for your community!