Raising Awareness for Your Community

Our marketing services make it possible for your community to become part of the conversation. Whether you are looking to attract more workers or gain national recognition, our marketing strategies and solutions will position you for success. Our economic development marketing team performs in-depth research to develop detailed implementation plans. Inbound marketing solutions and public relations strategies are specifically tailored to the unique strengths of your community to increase lead generation that fits directly into your economics development platform.

Inbound Marketing Solutions

Golden Shovel Agency works with technology leaders to implement inbound marketing campaigns that are driven by original content. Our campaigns start with identifying audience personas and what they care about. Then we develop content to reach them. By directing them toward proven marketing tools, we can capture leads and put them into an automatic sales funnel that provides information until they set an appointment or are contacted by your team.

Digital Ads for Economic Developers

We start with research. Who are you trying to reach, what platforms are they most likely to use and what keywords are they typing into a search when looking for information or solutions? With this data in hand, our team crafts dynamic digital ads that are eye-catching, intriguing and likely to spur action. We manage the design, implementation and campaign monitoring to ensure that your economic development organization achieves the best ROI. Best of all - it's possible to see who is clicking on the ads and receive the data your team needs to conduct further outreach. 

Public Relations

Focusing attention on your community’s largest successes is critical to your economic development marketing campaign. Golden Shovel Agency’s experience offers the capability of procuring recognition for your community on a regional, national and global level. Golden Shovel Agency has designed an exclusive Public Relations strategy for economic development organizations with an expert team of media specialists. We confidently secure media coverage during major events for your community, helping to gain attention from other industry leaders and site selectors - we know what this takes from all sizes of communities and events.