Generating Leads to Drive Economic Development!

Through Golden Shovel Agency’s website lead generation software, clients receive a real-time online dashboard report to track visitors, how often they view a website, how they found you and what content they are viewing. Not only does the report offer leads that clients did not know they even had, but the information can be used by your economic development team to maximize the performance of its website.

Lead Tracking for Economic Developers

Golden Shovel Agency has strategic partnerships that bring cutting-edge economic development lead generation tools to client websites. Today’s economic developers need to build relationships, and this lead tracking tool offers the ability to convert anonymous website visitors into tangible companies and leads. By incorporating these tools into marketing strategies, economic developers are able to launch a marketing campaign that both attracts visitors and identifies them so a relationship can be forged. It is the perfect win-win for economic developers brought to you through a Golden Shovel Agency partnership.

Inbound Marketing

Through strategic partnerships with industry experts, Golden Shovel Agency has all the marketing tools economic developers need to run successful inbound marketing campaigns that make people interested in learning more about your community. Tools such as lead analytics, contact management and insights, email marketing, calls to action and more help nurture new leads that have shown interest in your regions, keeping them engaged with opportunities to learn more about your location based on their interests.

Trade Show & Conference Lead Generation

Golden Shovel partners with industry experts to provide trade show and economic development conference lead generation services. Clients receive relevant, accurate, and precise information that puts the right personnel in front of executive decision makers of growing companies considering an expansion of their operations in their region. By identifying new opportunities with targeted companies and securing time with their key decision-making personnel, clients can  better position their communities as a leading contender for new capital investment.

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