Content Creation: Make the Best Connections!

Golden Shovel Agency’s economic development content creation service can be used to uncover the unique story of your region. Our custom content work will differentiate you from other communities by focusing on what makes you unique and how your assets can meet the needs of the industry and workforce that you are trying to recruit. Through storytelling and compelling content, we help you build a bridge between your community and the audience so that you can make meaningful connections.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures that your economic development website is prominent in the keyword searches executed by your target audience. To be noticed, your SEO approach must be effective, and with online practices always changing, it is important to maintain SEO efforts regularly. Golden Shovel Agency’s approach to economic development content creation includes SEO from a technical and content development perspective. Our team will conduct an advanced, exhaustive analysis of your website to ensure that it conforms to the metrics of the various search engines on the internet. We will research and select effective keywords and strategically place them throughout your website, and social media content to ensure your content and messaging are reaching the full scope of the intended audience.


Golden Shovel Agency tells your story in a powerful way. Proper messaging will identify what is most important to your organization and community. Our talented writers approach economic development content creation from a professional, scheduled perspective. They will provide interesting content on a routine basis to tell your story, often interviewing local businesses and stakeholders to obtain quotes that add validity to the very ideals your organization is trying to promote. Content also impacts SEO results and website traffic, making it critical that your content aligns with your organization’s identity, goals, and initiatives. Our copywriters ensure this cohesiveness by creating original, goal-focused website copy, promotional copy, white papers, press releases, etc., reinforcing key messages.

Content Services

Golden Shovel Agency creates original content for GateKeeper clients monthly. Additional content services include:

  • Whitepaper creation
  • Email drip campaign content
  • Social media content
  • Annual reports
  • Marketing materials
  • Prospectus content and design
  • Press releases
  • Marketing material content
  • Investor promotional content