Golden Shovel Agency partners with the best companies in the industry

Golden Shovel Agency collaborates with industry leaders to deliver vibrant economic growth for communities. Each of our partners offers specific and groundbreaking economic development tools. Our partners are globally recognized leaders in areas of:

  • Lead generation
  • Data solutions
  • GIS
  • Event management
  • Capital raising 
  • Strategy development
  • Research
  • Commercial Real Estate Property Data 
  • International representation 
  • Technology 
  • Education

By working with Golden Shovel Agency, EDOs and IPAs have access to a plethora of tools and resources, offered both in-house and through our partnerships. Working together, we bring the world's most innovative and comprehensive tools to bear to drive real results for communities.

Golden Shovel Agency is always looking for opportunities to partner with exceptional experts in their fields. Contact us today to see how we can collaborate to bring about continued economic success.