Groundbreaking Economic Development Marketing & Communications

Services We Provide

Content & Strategy

Identify key messaging, strategize and plan. Then create powerful stories that will resonate with the target audiences.

Web Development

Award winning websites crafted for business and workforce attraction.


Services to communicate the brand and messaging effectively to the right audiences. We combine our strong digital expertise with proven traditional approaches.

Lead Generation

Tools and services for generating, capturing and nurturing leads both digitally and traditionally.


As pioneers of virtual reality for economic development, we set the gold standard for virtual fam tours, site visits and workforce recruitment.


Our Mission

At Golden Shovel, we believe thriving communities improve everyone’s lives. Everything we do connects businesses and talent with communities they’ll thrive in. We do this by empowering economic developers through groundbreaking economic development communications.


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Our Comprehensive Process

Our process is simple for busy economic developers


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Step #1

Schedule a Call

Schedule a call and we'll listen about your unique situation so that we can identify how to best apply our services.

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Step #2

Make a Decision

We suggest goal-focused initiatives and provide guidance on how to communicate with stakeholders. You come to a conclusion if we are right for you.

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Step #3


With a solid plan based in research, creativity, & strategy, we'll provide our economic development marketing expertise to showcase all your community has to offer.

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Step #4

Measure Success

Now that you're directly targeting your audience, you'll be attracting more people to your community. We will measure the success, celebrate, then get back to work.

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Who We've Helped

Golden Shovel has supported over 230 economic development organizations across the United States and Canada. Our experience spans rural and urban regions, utilities, cities, counties and economic development associations. See who we are working with.