Leverage Your Opportunity Zone to Attract Investment

Marketing your community’s Opportunity Zone requires research, strategy and execution. Opportunity Zones are investment vehicles as well as community site development tools, therefore successful Opportunity Zone marketing targets local, state, regional and national prospects. 

How can I market my community's Opportunity Zone?

When developing an Opportunity Zone marketing plan, it is important to understand the different phases of planning and execution. A typical Opportunity Zone marketing project involves at least seven planning and development phases and can easily exceed 40 hours of work over eight to twelve weeks. For example, the beginning of the project will be research-focused. As the research is concluded the project will move into a content and design phase to create the prospectus. This phase, if not properly managed, can slow a project down. Constant revisions and missed deadlines during this phase will create frustrations and ultimately drive the cost of the project much higher.

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