Understanding Current Workforce Shortages

How to solve workforce shortages in your community

Workforce shortages are a primary concern for businesses and economic developers throughout the country. For economic developers, this creates a clear and urgent challenge - find workers to support existing businesses or risk them going elsewhere. The same is true for business attraction. Economic developers seeking new investment must have a workforce attraction strategy that supports that growth.

Be aggressive with workforce attraction or someone else will be.

In the game of workforce attraction, there will be clear winners and clear losers. Some communities will grow their populations while others may see their populations decline. Get on the winning side - for yourself and your community.

This whitepaper will give you the baseline information you need to understand the workforce shortage issues, and to create a plan to address them in your community. We will also share best practices that economic developers throughout the country have been using to strengthen and grow their workforce. Learn from them, develop a plan, and start implementing. Your local businesses and community are counting on you.

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