Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Launches Newly Redesigned Website

Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Launches Newly Redesigned Website Main Photo

24 Aug 2021

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COLUMBUS, GA -- Choose Columbus recently launched a newly-redesigned website, created by Golden Shovel Agency, to further strengthen its online presence and economic growth for the region. The redesigned site is visually and aesthetically appealing. It is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and has easy-to-access features like the “Featured Properties’ section.

“One goal of our organization was to make the website easier to navigate. Golden Shovel Agency made sure the programs, files, and features were easily and readily accessible,” said Brian Sillitto, Executive Vice President of the Columbus Chamber. “Another priority was to ensure the site reflected the diverse offerings of the Columbus region, from fortune 500 companies to recreation and culture.”

The redesigned website emphasizes business attraction and site selection. Choose Columbus provides the amenities of a big town with a small-town feel and is able to support Fortune 500 Companies while having many locally run and supported businesses. The website also has all the information one needs to know including area profiles, incentives, employees, utilities, and target industries.

Oftentimes, a website is the first impression a person or company gets of a specific place. The Choose Columbus website gives a great first impression - from its sights and industries to its people and available land. Any visitor should leave the website feeling intrigued by the thought of Columbus while wanting to learn more about it.

Greater Columbus collaborated with Golden Shovel Agency for its website redesign project. The national economic development communications firm is recognized for its award-winning design and expertise in business and workforce attraction. “Golden Shovel Agency has been great to work with,” said Sillitto. “They are easily accessible and readily available when needed. They have helped so much with the improvements to the design of our site as well as our marketing strategies.”

“Working with Greater Columbus, GA has always been a great experience,” said Aaron Brossoit, CEO of Golden Shovel Agency. “We look forward to all the great things that will come with this website redesign project and to further collaborate with Greater Columbus.” 

You can view the redesigned website here:



GREATER COLUMBUS GEORGIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT is a place where ideas flourish, businesses thrive, and innovation moves us forward. It is also a place where families settle down, children grow, and the community is developed. With plenty of small-town charm and an ample supply of big-city opportunities, Greater Columbus has become an attractive place to live and build a business.

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