The Importance of VR as a Marketing Tactic and the Science Behind Why It Works

The Importance of VR as a Marketing Tactic and the Science Behind Why It Works Main Photo

15 Oct 2023

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Have you considered VR as a marketing tactic? If not, perhaps it’s time you did. It’s hard to overstate the power and potential of this exciting technology. Effective marketers have made storytelling a priority for years. VR amplifies the impact of a story by making it an immersive experience.

6 Great Reasons to Use VR as a Marketing Tactic

Our Brains Rely More on Visions Than Any Other Sense

If a picture is worth a thousand words, VR is worth a million. This is because VR technology incorporates stereopsis. Put simply, that means that since our eyes are several inches apart, the perspective from each eye is slightly different. Our brain merges the input from each eye to tell us whether an object is close up or far away. In addition to this capability, VR headsets also monitor our head movements with an accelerometer, the same device that allows smartphones to detect the position and orientation changes. This combination of dimension and movement creates the illusion that we are inside the scene instead of just looking at it. Meanwhile, stereo headsets immerse us in sound. No wonder these experiences are more interesting and memorable than most other forms of media.

Scientific Evidence Has Shown That VR Experiences Stay With Us

Neuroscience has proven that brain activity during a VR experience mirrors that of brain activity in a similar real-life situation. Moreover, according to the  Masie Center for Learning, Technology, and Innovation, retention rates for the information presented during a VR experience averages 75%. Information presented in other formats had a retention rate of only about 10%. When you’re targeting busy site selectors, it’s crucial that you grab their attention. VR technology will not only help you stand out from other communities, but site selectors are much more likely to remember you days, weeks, months, or even years later.

VR Provides Multiple Avenues to Explore and Understand a Presentation

Moving your head around in a virtual video, or even simply clicking the arrows on a desktop to move around allows us to form mental and emotional associations with the environment we’re in and at our own pace. This level of engagement makes comprehension and recall effortless.

VR is a World Unto Itself, Without Distractions

We are actively in the virtual world, instead of being passive viewers. This level of focus, augmented by a heightened level of sensory impact makes it natural for us to pay rapt attention. In fact, when economic developers have tried out VR headsets at a conference, they’re almost surprised when they take off the headset and realize they’re still at a conference.

A VR Visit Transports Us Safely and Comfortably to More Locations Than Any Real Trip Could Possibly Provide

With VR, every day can be a perfect day - you’ll never have to worry if the weather will cooperate when site selectors visit. You can send them on an adventure soaring to mountaintops, provide a bird’s eye view of major highways, or show them a different perspective from locations that would otherwise be dangerous. VR technology also lets viewers visit the inner workings of factories (being sure to only interrupt production once vs every time a site selector visits), stroll through future buildings that still only exist as architectural renderings, and much much more.

VR Eliminates the Expense, Fatigue, and Uncertainty of Traditional Travel

Getting site selectors to visit your community costs money. Not only do you have to pay for travel expenses, but you also need to plan the logistics of the visit, communicate with participants, and coordinate the day. Now, imagine cutting out half of those responsibilities and costs. Instead, you could simply focus on the outreach and sending VR headsets to interested prospects.

VR production is both an art and a science, so some presentations have a higher conversion rate than others. Skilled VR producers provide more than beautiful footage. They tell relevant, engaging stories in a curated manner that offers valuable insights and information along the way. From familiarization tours to business/workforce attraction videos to site tours and more, economic developers are getting great results by using high-quality VR as a marketing tactic.

If you haven’t considered VR recently, it’s time to give it another look. Like all emerging technologies, the cost and complexity of VR marketing have gone down, while VR quality and capabilities have continued to rise.

If you want to reach more people more effectively contact us today. Our tried and true process will make using VR as a marketing tactic easier than you may think.

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