South Wilmington Wetlands Park is More Than an Amenity; It's Green Infrastructure

South Wilmington Wetlands Park is More Than an Amenity; It's Green Infrastructure Main Photo

11 Oct 2023

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This article originally appeared on and was written for the City of Wilmington Office of Economic Development by Golden Shovel Agency.

The South Wilmington Wetlands Park is more than a recreational amenity. It is an award-winning green infrastructure solution that uplifts the Southbridge community of Wilmington, Delaware. The park will help restore and enhance 14 acres of wetlands, including stormwater capacity. 

"What this wetland does is it mitigates flooding. It stores over 2 million gallons of stormwater that previously caused flooding in these homes back here,” Public Works Commissioner Kelly Williams told Delaware Public Media. “It improves our water quality as the stormwater traverses over a mile of wetlands; it restores the tidal wetland with 62 different planted species."

South Wilmington Wetlands Park: The Recreation

South Wilmington Wetlands Park is nearly 30-acre engineered wetlands that include a range of natural habitats, from freshwater tidal marshes to shrub meadows and upland forests. An ADA-accessible boardwalk traverses the center of the park to connect Southbridge with the bustling Riverfront to the west, thereby increasing local walkability and recreational opportunities. The pathway allows the full beauty of the park to be experienced while connecting the Southbridge community to nearby jobs and retail shopping.

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