Best Economic Development Websites for 2021

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18 Dec 2020

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A common question that our team is asked is "Can you give examples of the best economic development websites for 2021?"

Each year, backed by research, conferences, and the latest trends, the Golden Shovel Agency team puts together a list of what we consider to be the best economic development websites. This is a difficult task, as there are so many organizations that deserve to be on this list, but we try to keep it to 10 for you.

Best Economic Development Websites for 2021

We hope this list helps with your question and that you're able to take a moment to appreciate the work these economic development organizations have accomplished.

Best Economic Development Websites for 2021 - Tulsa's Future

Tulsa Regional Chamber Economic Development

How do you stand out when your organization's message is lost under a sea of information? You create your own website! The Tulsa Regional Chamber Economic Development did just that with the launch of, moving out of the city's Chamber site. This new website is a site selector's dream with many tools demonstrating all the assets that Tulsa, OK has to offer.

Best Economic Development Websites for 2021 - City of Wilmington

City of Wilmington Office of Economic Development

Long considered a "drive-through community" located between DC and Philadelphia, the city of Wilmington, DE had suffered from an identity crisis. With its new economic development team and the launch of the "It's Time" campaign (, this community is changing that. Using a video banner showcasing the energetic and diverse community proves Wilmington can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any community.

Best Economic Development Websites for 2021 - Bastrop EDC

Bastrop Economic Development Corporation

Want to know what makes a web designer's job easy? A client that has an already strong brand. Bastrop Economic Development Corporation did just that with a clean, contemporary wordmark, fun and funky design elements, and a sophisticated color palette. The strong brand gives the community a leg up in business and workforce recruitment in one of the fastest-growing regions of the country!

Best Economic Development Websites for 2021 - City of Shoreview

City of Shoreview Economic Development

When you are a small part of a larger metro, it can be difficult to get noticed. However, creating a strong web presence is a great way to overcome that challenge. The family-friendly community of Shoreview, MN has chosen just that route. Although land is at a premium, its ideal location just off Interstate 694 and a 10-minute drive from both Minneapolis and St. Paul, make it a prime spot for relocating workers.

Best Economic Development Websites for 2021 - Jamestown/Stutsman

Jamestown/Stutsman Development Corporation

Midwestern regions enjoy the quiet prairie beauty and can boast of their stable community structure and loyal workforce. The community of Jamestown and the county of Stutsman, ND offer an excellent example of how an area in the US heartland can successfully market itself. The organization touts an ideal location for relocating or expanding businesses and offers three industrial parks which the website showcases prominently.

Best Economic Development Websites for 2021 - Greater Oklahoma City

Greater Oklahoma City

There's a reason why the Greater Oklahoma region is growing as quickly as it is. Having resources, such as a functional, SEO-friendly website can help your organization in more ways than one. Critics from a variety of industries have all praised Oklahoma City's business climate and quality of place which point to the fact that this region the perfect place to live, work, and play.

Best Economic Development Websites for 2021 - Texas EDC

Texas Economic Development Corporation

How do some regions rank #1 in what seems to be every category? The simple answer: a lot of hard work and consistency. Creating a strong brand and getting your message out there is more important than anything. This EDC lets corporate decision-makers and site selection consultants know that they can Go Big in Texas.

Best Economic Development Websites for 2021 - Kansas Department of Commerce

Kansas Department of Commerce

The Kansas Department of Commerce is aggressive in its efforts to grow the community, strives to serve the people in them as thoughtfully and effectively as possible, and connects job seekers and employers to meet industry needs. Its on-brand site speaks to a variety of individuals and contains all the relevant information each might need.

Best Economic Development Websites for 2021 - Greater Fort Wayne

Greater Fort Wayne, Inc.

What do you get when a big vision meets a great community? You get momentum. And throughout the Greater Fort Wayne website, you can feel it. The site is visually pleasing and easy to navigate for any type of visitor. The organization's goals are clearly helping to grow jobs, wages, and the economy.

Best Economic Development Websites for 2021 - Choose Lethbridge, Canada

Choose Lethbridge, Canada

With quality market data, a network of partners, and a dedicated team, the Lethbridge economic development website is a great resource to help you succeed. The website is bold and vibrant in many ways and is designed to help you discover everything you need to make Lethbridge your top choice to live, learn, invest, visit, and do business.

What Design Features are Included in the Best Economic Development Websites for 2021?

Having an outdated website today can really screw with how well it performs, especially now that everyone is online. In order to grab the attention of visitors, you should consider including the following features:

  • Dynamic video banner
  • Photo carousel with partner logos
  • Map with a regional perspective
  • Mobile-friendliness with responsive design
  • Easy navigation through tabs and buttons (only 3 clicks to get anywhere)
  • A balance between text and visuals
  • Clear calls to action
  • Demographic data in an infographic format
  • Promotion of current businesses
  • Embedded videos

What Tools are Incorporated Into the Best Economic Development Websites for 2021?

The best economic development websites for 2021 are more than just visually appealing. They are functional and help achieve the goals of economic development organizations. To increase functionality, we suggest incorporating useful tools like the following:

  • Universal reports
  • Social media integration
  • Third-party integrations
    • GIS tools/data
    • Small business analytic data
  • Advanced SEO strategy
  • Events calendar module
  • 360-degree VR videos

We've updated our list! Check out the Best Economic Development Websites for 2023!