Best Economic Development Websites for 2023

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20 Dec 2022

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The Best Economic Development Websites for 2023 do an incredible job of telling a story through a dynamic combination of written content, images, and design. Golden Shovel Agency has selected the top EDC websites based on research, industry trends, and our experience as an international economic development communications agency. 

Economic developers are investing heavily in their community’s digital presence, making it challenging to select winners when so many have really upped their game. Our list is limited to the top ten winners for readability, but it was close, and our list of deserving EDCs is quite extensive. Don’t see your local EDC? Contact us for a list of the best economic development websites in your state.

Best Economic Development Websites for 2023

The following organizations recently launched new economic development websites. They made our best economic development websites for 2023 list because of their unique features. When viewed collectively, they provide fantastic ideas, elements, and tools economic developers can use to enhance their website and communications strategy.

Best Economic Development Websites for 2023 - AdvanceCT

#1 AdvanceCT

The AdvanceCT website features a bright color palette that immediately catches your attention with clear integration throughout the site. A site selector toolbox provides fast access to innovative tools, research, data, and sites. The website prominently features the state’s target industries. In addition, the site is a powerful example of how an organization can implement tools like GIS Planning, an online site selection data tool.

Best Economic Development Websites for 2023 - Explore Troutdale

#2 Explore Troutdale (Gateway to the Gorge Visitor Center)

The Explore Troutdale tourism website carries a strong brand throughout the entire site while pulling in elements of nature - something the Troutdale area is known for. Interactive elements on the website include video tours of the adventures waiting in Troutdale and the Columbia River Gorge region and a page to ‘Plan Your Experience’ while visiting.

Best Economic Development Websites for 2023 - Preston County

#3 Preston County Economic Development Authority

The Preston County Economic Development Authority website features breathtaking photography and has a layout that is easy to scan and navigate. It also provides a balanced combination of both ‘live’ and ‘work’ elements. Finally, and most importantly, the website gives very small communities within Preston County a sophisticated web presence without overemphasizing one community over another.

Best Economic Development Websites for 2023  - Kingan, AZ

#4 Kingman, AZ Economic Development

The Kingman, AZ Economic Development website features an extraordinary design you won’t forget. It also has a unique menu functionality with a statistics ticker that remains visible as you scroll through the site. In addition, the website gives you a strong feeling of being there, with the vivid photography, design, and Route 66 theme.

Best Economic Development Websites for 2023 - Sherman EDC

#5 Sherman Economic Development Corporation

The Sherman Economic Development Corporation website includes a user-friendly menu bar and quick link buttons on the homepage that easily guide readers to the site’s top resources. Their economic development website also features a video banner with SEDCO’s tagline, “Always Investing. Never Satisfied.” This is also a great example of an organization that prominently displays partner organizations at the top of the site (City, Tourism, and Chamber).

Best Economic Development Websites for 2023 - Stark Economic Development Board

#6 Stark Economic Development Board

The Stark Economic Development Board website features a contemporary design with a fun football theme. The homepage provides a quick snapshot of what you might be looking for – the SEDB mission, fast facts, community highlights, testimonials, and a map – it’s all easily visible without ever having to click.

Best Economic Development Websites for 2023 - Imperial Valley EDC

#7 Imperial Valley Economic Development Corporation

The Imperial Valley Economic Development Corporation website incorporates mountains from the logo into the website design and includes eye-catching photography and graphics. The website also does a great job of clearly representing key industries and strategic partners with links to their websites.

Best Economic Development Websites for 2023 - Invest Alberta

#8 Invest Alberta

The Invest Alberta website features large, beautiful imagery throughout the site. It also uses movement as elements load while scrolling. In addition, the website clearly displays important headings and links, making it simple to navigate.

Best Economic Development Websites for 2023 - Greater Seattle Partners

#9 Greater Seattle Partners

The Greater Seattle Partners website includes a bold color palette and houses a creative design of subpages. A newsletter sign-up ‘sticks’ to the bottom of the screen, allowing the organization to capture leads and release important news updates.

Best Economic Development Websites for 2023 - Greater Akron Chamber

#10 Greater Akron Chamber

The Greater Akron Chamber website has a unique set of colors used prominently and consistently throughout. It is evident that up-to-date research and attention to detail went into the website and that many third-party tools have been incorporated. In addition, the quarterly reports are both simple to find and view.

Best Economic Development Websites for 2022 Based on Your Needs

Golden Shovel Agency produces award-winning economic development websites. Our clients consistently win IEDC awards for their site’s innovative designs and ability to tell a story. 

How do we produce the best economic development websites? By constantly looking for what’s next. As an economic development communications agency, we understand how economic developers communicate with site selectors, local businesses, workforce, and their internal stakeholders. This allows us to create thoughtful strategies and consider how individual economic developer will use their website to achieve their goals. The design, recommended tools, and integrations are a result of those conversations. The final product looks beautiful, is incredibly functional, and makes it easier for our clients to do their jobs. We care about our clients and helping them to succeed. Our approach and unmatched customer service are why economic developers consistently choose us to build their best economic development website. 

Make 2023 the year your organization develops its best EDC website yet. Schedule an appointment to discover what Golden Shovel can do for you.