Video Services: This is the Next Wave of Economic Development

Carlos Guzman, Pasadena EDC
Carlos Guzman, Pasadena EDC

Golden Shovel Agency client testimonial by Carlos Guzman from Pasadena EDC. In his testimonial, Carlos talks about Golden Shovel Agency's economic development website services and the GSA-built website for Pasadena EDC.

(00:00) What was the biggest challenge that Golden Shovel Agency helped you solve?
(00:18) Why did you choose Golden Shovel Agency?
(00:37) What do you like best about working with Golden Shovel Agency?
(00:51) What are some of your greatest achievements since partnering with Golden Shovel Agency?
(1:23) What are Pasadena EDC's goals for the future?
(1:42) Additional comments?

Posted: March 10, 2022