Improving Quality of Life and Quality of Place

Strengthening Your Community's Competitive Potential By Improving Quality of Life

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Quality of life initiatives are essential in defining a community's sense of place and attracting and retaining residents. They are also crucial for attracting business investment - a key goal for any economic development organization. In 2022, Brookings researchers evaluated the impact of quality of life improvements on local economies. They reported, "Our research on small communities has found that community amenities... are likely contributors to healthy local economies than traditional 'business-friendly' measures."

But, how do you, as an economic developer, make the case to your stakeholders? How do you encourage people and businesses to invest in quality of life when those initiatives rarely result in immediate job creation and tax revenue? And if you can get them to buy in, which quality of life initiatives should you start first?

Throughout this whitepaper, we will explore these issues and give you the data and tools necessary to improve your community's quality of life - with community support.

This whitepaper will give you the information and inspiration you need to launch quality of life projects in your community. Download to read:

  • The case for improving your community's quality of life
  • How to prove ROI for quality of life investments
  • What projects are worth investing in
  • Ways to fund your quality of life projects
  • How to market them for maximum impact

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