Best Tourism Videos for 2024

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11 Dec 2023

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then each minute of the best tourism videos for 2024 are worth almost 2 million. At Golden Shovel, we use videos for good reason—the combination of visuals, music, and narration distills a city’s essence into just a few minutes.

Top 6 Best Tourism Videos for 2024

This retrospective helps us look back on some of our best tourism videos for 2024 to give economic tourism developers and directors ideas for what they can create for their communities.

Eastern Oregon Agritourism VR: The Best Tourism Videos for 2024 Immerse Visitors in the Destination 

Our 2024 best-in-show stands out for its comprehensive review of an entire region and its use of virtual reality technology. Virtual reality (VR) videos are filmed with 360-degree cameras that let the viewer drag their mouse to look around freely as they watch. This 13-minute virtual reality video immerses watchers in traditional large-scale farms and charming cottages surrounded by weathered, tree-coated mountains to appeal to agricultural tourists.

Viewers scan the sweeping vistas as they walk between rows of wine grapes or take a seat in one of the local restaurants. This video gives an in-depth look at eastern Oregon’s wineries, beekeepers, and local farms and imparts a sense of authenticity that few experiences can match. 

Bowling Green, KY Drives Through the Highlights   

Tourists interested in the National Corvette Museum have a need for speed, and this Bowling Green tourism video delivers. Short and to the point for visitors in a rush, the narrator discusses the town and its history while the attractions—like the pastures that raise world-famous Kentucky Racehorses—speak for themselves.

Outdoor Adventure Awaits in West Plains, MO 

West Plains caps off its video with an integrated call-to-action so the interested watcher can hop online right away. 

Pleasant reedy notes and a ukulele backing create a calming atmosphere to accompany beautiful river views and shots of local streets. Videos of tourists camping, hiking, and kayaking accompany locals shopping and bar-hopping to lure its target audience—the casual outdoorsman interested in a “rustic” aesthetic. 

York County, NE Takes VR on the Move 

This virtual reality showcase drops viewers into a local parade, sweeps them through a bird’s-eye view of the city, ushers them into a log-cabin bedroom, to give them a sense of what it’s like to stay in York County. It knows its target audience—families with young children in search of exciting adventures—and marries it with unmatched kinetic filmmaking. 

A tourist shoots down a waterslide with her 360-view camera in hand. The camera peers out the windows of a go-kart as it hurtles down the track at top speed. Though sprinkled with calmer moments at petting zoos and preserved antique farms, York County knows its guests want to get on the move. 

Duncan, OK Offers a Chance to Explore 

The first VR tour without a voiceover lets viewers wander through Duncan at their own pace to see if it’s right for them. Few tourists think of Duncan, OK, when they think of places to visit. The quiet stroll through the streets gives tourists a chance to explore leisure activities like dining and concerts at their own pace. People who know what to expect are more likely to come and visit, and Duncan’s video tells them everything they need to know. 

Kentucky Commercials Excite and Entertain 

This brief TV spot wastes no time. A series of fast-paced, impactful shots respect the viewer’s time as they barrage them with quality information set to catchy music that excites and attracts attention. It has no narration, but high production value leaves viewers with the briefest impressions of everything the state offers. 

Golden Shovel Agency: Creating the Best Tourism Videos for 2024 and Beyond 

This year’s favorites showcase what’s possible with a few minutes of video. Golden Shovel Agency loves to produce this sort of in-depth high-quality content to promote cities. Like yours. The possibilities are endless, and if this year's best of the best inspired you, then schedule a meeting with Golden Shovel Agency. Our collaboration will include a free Tourism TikTok to showcase our skills and our plans to emphasize branded short-form content going into the new year.