Elevating Economic Frontiers: City of Evanston Launches Dynamic Website in Collaboration with Golden Shovel Agency

Elevating Economic Frontiers: City of Evanston Launches Dynamic Website in Collaboration with Golden Shovel Agency Main Photo

7 Dec 2023

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Redesigned Website to Further Promote Digital Marketing Efforts

EVANSTON, WY -- The City of Evanston is happy to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website, a state-of-the-art platform created in collaboration with Golden Shovel Agency. The revamped site, accessible at https://www.businesswyoming.com/, represents a significant milestone for Evanston’s economic development initiatives and serves as a powerful tool for businesses considering relocation to the vibrant community.

Rocco O’Neill, Director of Community and Economic Development at the City of Evanston, shared his enthusiasm for the website’s redesign, stating, “I love that it’s visually appealing and provides relevant information at a glance. The tools Golden Shovel uses are simple and effective.” The user-friendly design and specific features and modules contribute to a seamless experience for visitors, making critical information easily accessible.

Setting clear goals and priorities for the website was paramount for the City of Evanston. O’Neill emphasized, “The website is a recruiting tool for businesses looking to relocate to Evanston and has information for our local employers to use in their recruiting efforts. The site is a ‘home base’ for our economic development program.” The focus on site selection and business attraction is evident throughout the site, with dedicated sections that showcase Evanston’s offerings to potential investors and entrepreneurs.

O’Neill further emphasized the significance of the website in marketing efforts, noting, “This is where we point all our digital marketing. It’s been huge in our recruitment efforts.” The website serves as a central hub for the city’s economic development program, amplifying its reach and impact in attracting businesses to Evanston.

Golden Shovel’s contribution to the project has been instrumental in achieving the City of Evanston’s objectives. O’Neill expressed his satisfaction, stating, “Golden Shovel takes the pain out of dealing with our website. We meet with their team monthly to ensure our site is up-to-date and relevant. Their staff genuinely cares about us and our success. Without Golden Shovel, our economic development marketing program wouldn’t be as effective.”

In addition to showcasing available sites and buildings, the website also provides a unique opportunity for real estate agents and private sellers. Real estate agents and private sellers can list their properties for free on the site. Having all the commercial properties in one place gives the organization the best chance of landing a new business.

The City of Evanston invites residents, businesses, and potential investors to explore the new website and discover the exciting opportunities it presents for economic development and growth.

You can view the newly redesigned website at https://www.businesswyoming.com/.



THE CITY OF EVANSTON, located in southwestern Wyoming, is a thriving community known for its picturesque landscapes, friendly atmosphere, and robust economic opportunities. With a commitment to sustainable growth and development, the city is dedicated to providing residents with a high quality of life and a supportive environment for businesses. Evanston’s strategic location, excellent infrastructure, and vibrant community make it an ideal destination for individuals, families, and entrepreneurs looking to thrive in the heart of Wyoming. For more information, visit https://www.businesswyoming.com/.

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