Best Tourism Websites for 2024

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28 Nov 2023

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Crafting the Best Tourism Websites for 2024, One City at a Time

GSA is building the best tourism websites for 2024. Schedule a meeting to learn how we can help your tourism brand. You can also request a free Tourism TikTok video to reach a tourism audience on one of the world’s fastest-growing social media platforms.

The best tourism websites for 2024 dig deep into a single city and show off everything it has to offer. The Golden Shovel Agency designs eye-catching tourism websites that display vibrant images, videos, and easy-to-access information.

The following websites are a combination of our, and other’s work. Browse the best tourism websites for 2024 to get ideas for your next redesign.

The Best Tourism Websites for 2024 Incorporate Dynamic Visual Elements

Modern tourism sites exceed the expected standard of quality visual design. The greatest websites are ever-moving showcases of the city’s highlights. Low-resource-impact videos combined with clever user experience make the sites efficient to load and visit.

The user experience flow directs visitors to key information without sacrificing a lasting first impression, and subtle shaping in the design elements communicates the dominant ecosystem for outdoor recreation. 

#1 Explore Troutdale

We featured in last year’s Best Economic Development websites, and it’s still a favorite. The homepage opens with breathtaking natural vistas and local food and culture, framed by a detailed forest-shaped cutout that tells readers everything they need to know about the Troutdale climate. A green-and-tan palette reminiscent of the National Park Service completes the package.

Detailed maps and directions list the distance to critical services like Portland Airport and attractions like Multnomah Falls and Mount Hood. Galleries of local businesses identified with high-definition images provide the information necessary to plan their itinerary. Each entry includes a business’ name, website, address, phone number, and self-written bio.

#2 Devils Lake ND seizes readers’ attention with bright, striking depictions of North Dakota’s outdoor wonders. The arrow-shaped slideshow border then directs visitors down to the Devil’s Lake Visitors’ Guide where curious travelers select topics of interest like arts, dining, outdoor recreation, family fun, and history to build a tailored guide to the city.

Sightseers who prefer to do rather than plan can use the themed itinerary list. This in-depth yet compact document curates sights and activities for selected audiences like families, couples, outdoor enthusiasts, and history buffs.

#3 Visit Beulah says Beulah, ND, is a city of the future “where legends are made.” It places this bold claim atop an ever-rotating video banner that moves with the subjects. Visitors soar with flocks of birds, walk through local gymnasiums and schools, and rise with fountaining water at local parks. Lovely blue swatches bordered with wave patterns emphasize the importance of water to Beulah; the city is sandwiched between the Knife and Missouri Rivers.

Tourists who want to be more than transient visitors will find ample information on moving here or starting a business. We designed the site to help the Job Development Authority showcase the wonders of their city and demonstrate their faith in its future. 

#4 Explore Cumberland County

A collage of cropped local photographs spells out Cumberland County's name at the top of this website with a design that evokes classic American postcards. After a reader browses the carousel of photos and slogans, the updated forecast widget reveals the current weather for the climate-curious tourist. It presents a site map below it as a condensed bar across the screen. Customers can plan their visit, begin bookings, and build an itinerary of local events seconds after they scroll down the homepage. 

#5 Destin Fort Walton Beach is the winner of the 2023 WebAward’s Best Travel Website. The site’s soft blue-white colors and subtly wavy borders appeal to its primary audience—children with young families excited for time on the water. It also knows the questions about safety and physical difficulty on parents’ minds and puts the answers front and center.