Royse City ISD Continues to Provide Educational Abundance Through Local, Affordable Initiatives

Royse City ISD Continues to Provide Educational Abundance Through Local, Affordable Initiatives Main Photo

7 Jun 2023

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This article originally appeared on and was written for Royse city Community Development Corporation by Golden Shovel Agency.

Royse City residents voted to approve plans to expand the current school system on May 6th. As the Dallas Metroplex continues to experience rapid economic and cultural growth, Royse City itself has grown. 

With so many businesses, workers, and professionals coming to Royse City for opportunities, families are moving into the region as well. To support the population growth, The Royse City Independent School District continues to make progress through affordable, community-led changes. The two most recent bond elections in 2018 and 2021, for example, resulted in the construction of new schools. In 2018, the Bobby Summers Middle School was approved and built. In 2021, a new Ruth Cherry Elementary building was created, the previous building was repurposed as the Arnold Early Childhood Center, and a 7th elementary school was approved and is now currently under construction. 

To continue the needed expansion, residents developed two bond proposals that will be voted on during the May 6th school board election. Most importantly, neither proposition will result in a tax rate increase.

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