The Upton Economic Development Board & Upton Chamber of Commerce Launch Redesigned Business-Focused Websites

The Upton Economic Development Board & Upton Chamber of Commerce Launch Redesigned Business-Focused Websites Main Photo

30 Mar 2023

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Redesigned Websites Provide User-Friendly Experience to Showcase Upton’s Unique Qualities and Opportunities for Growth

UPTON, WY -- The Upton Economic Development Board (UEDB) and Upton Chamber of Commerce have proudly announced the launch of their newly redesigned websites, and The organizations worked closely with Golden Shovel Agency to create these user-friendly websites that fully tell the story of Upton through their mission and visions.

The new websites feature a crisp, contemporary layout with features to make the viewing experience more beneficial. In regards to the homepage, they now feature a 360-view of Upton, with new features to give an overview of the greater Upton area. The quality-of-life secondary banner set allows the UEDB and Upton Chamber to add a personalized aspect of Upton on the websites.

The goal of the website redesign projects were to create attractive websites that also adhered to a professional standard seen across the board in economic and community development. As volunteer-run organizations, it was important for the websites to fit Upton’s personality and vision. Through these priorities and goals, the team developed the two redesigned websites that provide more content and visualizes the aspects that make Upton’s qualities unique.

Upton is in a unique position with the development of a Rare Earth Elements Demonstration Plant at Tiger Transfer, LLC - Upton’s Logistics Center. As the economic development entity in Upton, it is UEDB’s job to assist in developing and promoting those opportunities. Both website redesigns are crucial factors in how to do that better. Needs for business and industry development, housing, and more amenities are also there, and the websites allow UEDB and the Chamber to promote those needs.

In addition, the resigned website will help the UEDB and Chamber tell Upton’s story to a greater capacity and promote the opportunities available. The organizations have big plans, and these websites will lead the efforts to promote the community.

The UEDB and Chamber worked with Golden Shovel Agency on the redesign process. “The website redesign process was such a unique and thrilling experience to participate in, said Kade McMillan, Economic Development & Marketing Coordinator for UEDB. “Everybody we worked with at Golden Shovel was very receptive to our ideas, concepts, and vision for the new website. Overall, it was such a personalized experience, with a lot of meaningful conversation to create a great website and build a personal and professional relationship with the GSA staff.”

“The Golden Shovel team is always honored to work with the Upton Economic Development Board and Upton Chamber of Commerce,” said Aaron Brossoit, CEO of Golden Shovel Agency. “This redesigned website will be a great asset for businesses to understand the regional opportunities.”

You can view the Upton Economic Development Board website at

You can view the Upton Chamber of Commerce website at



UPTON ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT BOARD is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization in Upton, WY. UEDB is committed to promoting economic growth and improving the quality of life for the community. The organization works to attract new businesses, retain existing businesses, and encourage business expansion in the Upton area. UEDB assists businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to locate or expand in Upton and collaborates with local, state, and federal entities to develop and promote economic opportunities.

UPTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting business, tourism, and community development in Upton, WY. Through collaboration with local businesses, residents, and government entities, the Chamber works to enhance the economic and social vitality of the area. With a focus on providing support and resources to its members, the Upton Chamber of Commerce strives to foster a welcoming and thriving community for all who live, work, and visit Upton.

GOLDEN SHOVEL AGENCY is a full-service economic development communications firm that helps communities, regions, and states grow and prosper. With over a decade of experience in the industry, its team of experts provides tailored solutions to attract and retain businesses, create jobs, and promote economic growth. Golden Shovel Agency specializes in website development, marketing and branding, workforce development, strategic planning, and business retention and expansion. Its innovative approach and commitment to customer service have earned them a reputation as a trusted partner in economic development.