Industry Career Guide Produced Locally to Meet Manufacturing Workforce Needs

Industry Career Guide Produced Locally to Meet Manufacturing Workforce Needs Main Photo

29 Mar 2023

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This article originally appeared on and was written for Wyandotte Economic Development Council by Golden Shovel Agency.

Over 250 manufacturers across more than 15 industries call Wyandotte County, Kansas, home. Since October was Manufacturing Month, it was the perfect time for Wyandotte Economic Development Council (WYEDC) to continue our commitment to workforce development by releasing the Industry-Driven Career Guide focusing on the sector. The guide was funded through the Wyandotte County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) Jobs & Education Action Team led by the WYEDC in partnership with Kansas City Kansas Community College, Kansas Manufacturing Solutions, and Workforce Partnership.

The Career Guide was created for teachers, counselors, and administrators because everyone needs to work together to educate and train our students to fill the existing skilled and well-paying careers in our community. And the demand is only increasing. 

The Wyandotte County manufacturing cluster addresses six career pathways: manufacturing production process development; production; maintenance, installation, and repair; logistics and inventory control; health, safety, and environmental assurance; and quality assurance. Many careers in manufacturing can be achieved with a high school diploma, a certification, or a 2-year degree. Some employers will even pay for education costs. The Career Guide provides the information students need to weigh career options that will make a difference in their community and allow them to reach their long-term financial goals.

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