New Gap Funding Options for Minnesota Business Owners

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26 Apr 2023

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This article originally appeared on and was written for the Benton Economic Partnership by Golden Shovel Agency.

Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development (DEED) asked hundreds of state business owners a simple question: What would make it easier to start a small business? The resounding answer was, “help us hurdle the persistent gap in funding when we are just getting started.”

Now, help is on the way. The federal government has approved Minnesota for $97.5 million in small business funding through the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI). Based on research and dozens of listening sessions with stakeholders over the last year, DEED is committed to addressing significant market gaps in financing with this funding. The agency will launch six Treasury-approved programs under the new initiative to benefit small businesses. In most cases, businesses will access funding through approved lenders or other external financial institutions. 

SSBCI Funding Programs

DEED is now accepting applications from businesses seeking financing from the Growth Loan Fund (GLF). GLF supports entrepreneurial growth throughout Minnesota by offering low-interest loans to early-stage businesses engaged in or committed to engaging in technological innovation in Minnesota.
Other new programs accepting applications include:

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