Why ChatGPT Won’t Replace Economic Development Marketing

Why ChatGPT Won’t Replace Economic Development Marketing Main Photo

3 Feb 2023

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Google is worried. University professors are worried. High school English teachers are worried. 

ChatGPT continues to make headlines and fuel dystopian fears of artificial intelligence technology replacing search engines, writing, and basically our lives. Being an economic development marketing innovator, I decided to test the usefulness of ChatGPT.

I typed in “Economic Development Marketing” and received the following response. 

Economic development marketing refers to the use of marketing strategies and tactics to promote and attract economic growth to a region or community. It involves promoting the advantages and strengths of a location to businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs in order to attract investment, create jobs, and spur economic activity. This may include highlighting the local workforce, transportation infrastructure, available tax incentives, and quality of life. Economic development marketing can also involve promoting the region to tourists and visitors, which can also drive economic growth through increased spending. The goal of economic development marketing is to create a positive image for the region, build brand awareness, and attract investment that can lead to sustainable economic growth and development.

Sterile. Bland. Uninspiring. Technically Accurate. 

This response is similar to many responses from marketers who are new to economic development. The words are technically correct and mostly in the correct order. But there is no soul in the writing. The most important component of any economic development marketing campaign involves the people.

Economic development marketing involves elevating economic developers to be community leaders and contribute to the community's success. In short, economic development is about the families who move into communities to start businesses or fill open jobs. 

ChatGPT is a computer algorithm and therefore has no vested interest in the success of individual communities. There are three reasons ChatGPT cannot replace economic development efforts. 

1. ChatGPT provides technical answers by stringing words together, but there is no context, passion, or emotion. Every community has a spirit that needs to be captured and showcased. 

2. ChatGPT gives the same answer every time for the same query. The AI interface cannot distinguish between economic development in one community and another. Economic development marketing campaigns start with community sentiment, assets, and history. A powerful community marketing plan will bring personality to the efforts and elevate the people who make the community great. 

3. ChatGPT doesn’t care about your community’s success. The cold AI interface only cares about providing a textual answer. Golden Shovel cares about your community. Unlike an AI interface, the professional team at Golden Shovel invests in the community and celebrates the success of economic developers. 

I don’t think ChatGPT has ever thrown a party for a community. Golden Shovel celebrates EVERY community’s campaign launch and the outcomes they generate. 

In short, ChatGPT can never replace the great work economic developers do, and ChatGPT's robotic answer cannot compare to the mission of Golden Shovel:

Golden Shovel Agency exists to empower economic developers to improve the lives of everyone in their community. Our company was designed to be the tool you need to reach a wider audience, make connections and attract the businesses, investments, and workers your community needs to grow. We have continued to invest in new technologies and solutions so our clients can compete against big-budget destinations. We are driven by our belief that every community is unique and deserves the chance to thrive. Our passionate team can help you to do so.

So, keep asking ChatGPT about the weather, and let Golden Shovel help your community grow. We’re in this together!

If you'd like to learn more about how Golden Shovel can help your community grow through economic development communications, don't hesitate to contact us today!


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