Wyandotte Economic Development Council Launches New Data-Rich Website to Showcase Uniqueness of Wyandotte County

Wyandotte Economic Development Council Launches New Data-Rich Website to Showcase Uniqueness of Wyandotte County Main Photo

16 May 2022

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New Website Easier to Use for Site Selectors and Those Looking to Relocate

KANSAS CITY, KS -- Wyandotte Economic Development Council recently launched a newly designed website, created by Golden Shovel Agency, to further strengthen its online presence and foster economic growth. The website is user-friendly (both on the admin- and front-end), has a clean and vibrant design, and is rich in data.

“Our goal was to make the website easier to use, especially for site selectors and people looking to relocate. We also wanted to showcase the WYCO region in a fresh and exciting way,” said Cari Lynn, Investor Relations Coordinator at Wyandotte Economic Development Council.

More than ever, decisions about whether to expand or locate into a community are made online long before an economic development organization even receives a phone call or email to have direct interaction. It is vital for Wyandotte EDC to make as much information available online and easy to obtain. This new website does just that and allows the organization to add information as needed to respond to the market.

In addition, the site allows Wyandotte EDC to showcase the uniqueness that is Wyandotte County and the strengths of being part of the greater Kansas City and State of Kansas market.

“It has been an honor to work with the Wyandotte Economic Development Council team,” said Aaron Brossoit, CEO of Golden Shovel Agency. “The new site will continue to be a great asset for residents and companies to understand opportunities in the area, and demonstrate their economic growth potential.”

You can view the newly redesigned website at https://www.wyedc.org



WYANDOTTE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL is at the forefront of growth. Its mission is to promote and strengthen Wyandotte County’s economy through innovative approaches to programs, partnerships, incentives, and leadership in industrial, residential, office, and retail markets. Its approach to economic development is all-encompassing because the team knows that when everyone is supported and given opportunities, the community will rise together.

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