Gun Barrel City Economic Development Corporation Launches New Website That Shows Off the Wonderful Town

Gun Barrel City Economic Development Corporation Launches New Website That Shows Off the Wonderful Town Main Photo

28 Mar 2022

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Website Engages Community Members and Business Owners

GUN BARREL CITY, TX -- Gun Barrel City Economic Development Corporation recently launched a newly designed website, created by Golden Shovel Agency, to further strengthen its online presence and to foster economic growth. The website is beautifully designed with unique elements such as an elegant animated ripple effect on the headers.

“The ultimate goals for our website are to show how wonderful our town is and what a great place it is for business and play,” said Robin Sykora, Director of Gun Barrel City EDC.

With a population of 6,000, the city brings in shoppers and workers from all around Cedar Creek Lake for traffic counts over 25,000. This new website will help promote the city even further and bring in even more people and businesses to the city.

In addition, Gun Barrel City EDC is developing a social media presence to both raise awareness for the city and drive traffic to the new website. The organization also utilized mapping features from GIS Planning to showcase available sites and buildings available to site selectors. View the GIS maps and data here.

“It has been an honor to work with the team at Gun Barrel City EDC,” said Aaron Brossoit, CEO of Golden Shovel Agency. “The new site will continue to be a great asset for residents and companies to understand opportunities in the area, as well as demonstrate their economic growth potential.”

You can view the newly redesigned website at



GUN BARREL CITY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION is a community team made up of resident executives and business owners committed to improving the quality of life for residents. The Gun Barrel City EDC consists of a seven-member board and a two-person office staff funded by a $.0025 sales tax.

GOLDEN SHOVEL AGENCY is a full-service economic development marketing agency that believes thriving communities improve everyone’s lives. Everything it does connects businesses and talent with communities they’ll thrive in. It does this by empowering economic developers through groundbreaking economic development communications. Golden Shovel has helped hundreds of communities across the globe shape and tell their stories to strengthen the vitality of their regional economies.