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Rural Resurgence Rebooted
Rural Resurgence Rebooted

Moving to a rural part of the country has never been more attractive. Coastal and population-dense areas of the country are experiencing a high-cost of living, COVID-19, and civil unrest. Any one of these issues alone can compel population migration toward less dense, rural areas of the country.

In a style unique to 2020, ALL three of these unique events are occurring simultaneously. Because of the aggressive rural broadband initiatives, people have the ability and motivation to move to rural areas. what does this mean for you?

Remember all the claims about "quality of life" or "access to great recreational activities" or "small-town with big amenities"? Now more than ever, the small-town charm is in vogue. But, like any great opportunity, if people don't know about your community, they won't move in.

Join Ron Kresha, COO of Golden Shovel Agency, for a free webinar where we will examine who is moving and how to capture the attention of the migrating population. You will gain helpful knowledge of migration trends and strategies to propose to your board or marketing team.

Posted: September 10, 2020