Be the Cool Kid in Economic Development Using Geo-Targeting

Be the Cool Kid in Economic Development Using Geo-Targeting

Golden Shovel Agency is thrilled to announce a new geo-targeting tool that allows you to personalize your existing website content based on the geographic location of visitors. On average, geo-targeting:

  •  Improves time-on-site by 25%
  •  Increases pages-per session by 30%
  •  Nearly doubles the conversion rate of your CTAs
  •  Brings in more quality traffic

Geo-targeting is a new tool, offered exclusively from Golden Shovel Agency, allowing you to market your community to other regions, getting much more qualified leads. You’ll also one-up other economic development organizations. Not only does this tool make you the “cool kid” in economic development, but you’ll also impress your board and have a better ROI on your marketing dollars.

If you’re wondering how to talk directly to different geographic personas, don’t wait any longer! Start connecting with specific audiences from all around the world by using this fast integration in a single line of code.

In this webinar, GeoFli co-founder, Kyle Pucko explained more about this awesome tool and how to personalize your website to targeted regions that you choose.

Posted: September 24, 2020