Do's and Don'ts of Economic Development Websites

Do's and Don'ts of Economic Development Websites

As an economic developer, you are the community hero. You fight the good fight to bring in jobs, investment, improve quality of life, and solve workforce challenges. But what if your website is holding you back?

A website is unlike other marketing collateral. It’s a living, breathing entity with a job to do 24/7. In order to do this job, your site needs to be regularly refreshed with relevant, engaging data and SEO-friendly articles that are worthwhile to both site selectors and local businesses of all sizes and scopes.

If your website isn’t working as hard as you are, don’t panic quite yet. We can help! We’re sharing our best practices on economic development websites. In this webinar, we covered:

-What needs to be included on your economic development website
-How to know if your website is outdated
-Practical ways to improve your website content and design
-Budget considerations that come with a website design project
-The power of adding a creative partner to your team

Posted: July 27, 2021