Economic Developer's Guide to Grants That Can Fund Key Initiatives

Guide to Grants

Are you looking for ways to fund workforce attraction initiatives, bring broadband to all areas of your community, develop products, market your community for investment attraction, or support initiatives that will improve quality of life? If so, download Economic Developer's Guide to Grants That Can Fund Key Initiatives to discover:

  • How to find grants your community can use
  • View current grant opportunities
  • How grants vary based on if you are funding hard or soft costs
  • The types of grants that are available per program/initiative type
  • Best practices

According to Pew, "The share of federal funds is expected to remain elevated through fiscal 2024, bolstered by subsequent rounds of federal aid... it is poised to increase as funding provided by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and other legislation flows to states. In response to the pandemic specifically, preliminary Pew analysis indicates that states have been awarded more than $800 billion in aid from the U.S. government -- more than what states received to address the Great Recession."

So, the question is... will your community get its share of federal grant funding? The answer may depend on what you do next.

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