Tulare County Economic Development Office Launches New Website to Foster Business Growth and Economic Advancement

Tulare County Economic Development Office Launches New Website to Foster Business Growth and Economic Advancement Main Photo

5 Sep 2023

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Creating a Path for Consistent Economic Expansion In Tulare County

VISALIA, CALIFORNIA -- Tulare County Economic Development Office is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, developed in collaboration with Golden Shovel Agency, to enhance its online presence. Located at https://www.growtularecounty.org/, the new website has a fresh and contemporary aesthetic and offers visitors an intuitive and seamless user experience. The platform prioritizes easy access to essential information and valuable resources while providing in-depth community profiles showcasing the region's unique opportunities and strengths. This transformation is pivotal in fostering economic growth within Tulare County.

Grants and Resources Manager, Denise England, had three goals for the new website. England explained, “The first goal was to update the website to be user-friendly. Secondly, provide timely and pertinent information to all visitors while being more aesthetically pleasing. Lastly, to relay our brand and “open for business” approach.” England excitedly said, “These goals are important to Tulare County because they promote business and economic development in our region.”

The new website has a site selection toolbox that is a very valuable enhancement over their previous website. This intuitive feature is an indispensable resource, empowering users with an efficient toolkit for identifying optimal locations. Its presence underscores Tulare County Economic Development Office's commitment to delivering vital information to its audience, ensuring businesses and investors can easily navigate site selection. 

The new website effectively caters to developers, employers, and potential California residents and greatly amplifies marketing efforts from Tulare County Economic Development Office. With a sleek design and rich repository of resources, the platform facilitates access to valuable information resulting in a more impactful marketing strategy the organization provides. 

Denise England wanted to highlight, “The entire team at Golden Shovel Agency were helpful and friendly. I appreciate their flexibility in working with us through various hurdles encountered during the project. They helped us overcome challenges and kept us on track to complete the project on time.”

“The Golden Shovel team is always honored to work with Tulare County Economic Development Office,” said Aaron Brossoit, CEO of Golden Shovel Agency. “This new website will be a great asset for businesses to understand the regional opportunities.”

You can view the newly designed website at https://www.growtularecounty.org/.


TULARE COUNTY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OFFICE aims to help businesses with site selection, project review, permitting, liaison with internal and external agencies, incentive program assistance, and assistance to existing businesses. When you locate your business in Tulare County, we help you get situated and integrate into the community. 

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