Carlsbad Department of Development Launches a Redesigned Website That Will Serve as a Backbone to its Marketing Efforts

Carlsbad Department of Development Launches a Redesigned Website That Will Serve as a Backbone to its Marketing Efforts Main Photo

19 Jun 2023

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Redesigned Website Engages New Businesses, Employees, and Visitors

CARLSBAD, NM -- Carlsbad Department of Development (CDOD) is pleased to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website, developed in collaboration with Golden Shovel Agency, to enhance its online presence. Located at, the website offers a new professional look that gives a solid initial impression to all who visit the site. 

The redesigned website acts, in many ways, as the first sight for people who cannot travel to the community of Carlsbad. It visually shares a story and has an array of verified facts to help showcase everything Carlsbad offers new businesses, employees, and visitors.

The CDOD strives to keep the website up to date with a variety of helpful information to serve as a trustworthy resource for the local workforce, businesses, and visitors.

In addition, the redesigned website will improve the organization’s marketing efforts. 

“Our website is the backbone of all our marketing efforts,” said Jeff Campbell, Director of Marketing and Business Development at the CDOD. “Our brochures, tradeshow booth, and other materials are all created based on a design similar to the website.”

“The Golden Shovel team was honored to work with the Carlsbad Department of Development on this website project,” said Aaron Brossoit, CEO of Golden Shovel Agency. “The new site will be a great asset for businesses and talent to understand the regional opportunities.”

You can view the newly designed website at 


CARLSBAD DEPARTMENT OF DEVELOPMENT has a prosperous community with a lot of momentum. Its economy is diversified, robust, and growing. With so many companies succeeding, our workforce is well-paid with a high disposable income. This has created incredible growth opportunities for real estate developers, retailers, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. Now is the right time to invest in Carlsbad, and those who do will have a first mover’s advantage. 

Businesses are not the only ones thriving here. With a high quality of life, gorgeous outdoor spaces, a strong educational system, and a safe community atmosphere, our region of 70,000 is becoming a go-to destination for millennials, families, and retirees. Visit, explore, and discover why Carlsbad, NM, should become your next home. 

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