The City of Devils Lake, ND Launches New Website to Strengthen Online Presence

The City of Devils Lake, ND Launches New Website to Strengthen Online Presence Main Photo

20 Mar 2023

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New Website Engages Residents and Visitors, Providing Important Information That Is Easily Accessible

DEVILS LAKE, ND -- The City of Devils Lake, ND is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, developed in collaboration with Golden Shovel Agency, to enhance its online presence. Located at, the website offers a contemporary and intuitive platform for residents and visitors to access essential information about the City.

According to Devin Gathman, Assistant City Engineer, “We are delighted to have our new website up and running. This new website will provide a sleek, user-friendly way for City residents to access important City information and services. The homepage buttons place the most critical information and services front and center for the user’s convenience.”

The primary objective of the website’s creation was to facilitate easy access to information for users. The previous website contained a wealth of information, but locating the most critical details was not always straightforward. The new website addresses this issue by emphasizing essential services on the homepage.

Furthermore, the new website provides effortless access services such as online utility bill payment, permit applications, and City Commission meeting streams. This simplifies residents’ and visitors’ interactions with the City and keeps them informed about events and decisions. In the past, the City of Devils Lake has relied heavily on the Tourism, Chamber of Commerce, and Economic Development departments for City marketing. The new website represents a significant leap forward for the City in terms of marketing efforts.

Collaborating with Golden Shovel Agency was a positive experience for the City of Devils Lake. The economic development-focused communications firm was able to meet the City’s development timeline, despite unexpected challenges.

Overall, the new website provides a more modern and user-friendly experience for the City of Devils Lake’s residents and visitors. The City is thrilled to have this new tool and looks forward to serving its community better. For more information, visit



THE CITY OF DEVILS LAKE is a bustling and vibrant community situated in the heart of North Dakota. With a population of over 7,000 residents, the city offers a variety of amenities, including beautiful parks, top-notch schools, excellent healthcare facilities, and exciting outdoor recreation opportunities. The City is committed to promoting economic growth and improving the quality of life for its residents through innovative digital solutions, such as its new website.

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