Learn How JREDC Engages Creative Workforce Solutions

Learn How JREDC Engages Creative Workforce Solutions Main Photo

18 Oct 2022

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This article originally appeared on and was written for Jacksonville Regional Economic Development Corporation by Golden Shovel Agency.

Competition for skilled workers in today’s economy is tight, and Jacksonville Regional Economic Development Corporation (JREDC) recognizes creative approaches are required for workforce attraction and retention. JREDC leveraged Jacksonville’s advantage as a college town by partnering with Illinois College business majors completing their senior capstone projects, realizing they could be an underutilized resource.

Illinois College seniors Jacey Nall, Ace Robinson, and Taylor Vieira collaborated with JREDC to produce “Implementing Geofencing at Jacksonville Regional Economic Development Corporation.” Using employee-centric data provided by JREDC on locations, commute times, and benefits, the students researched how geofencing could be used to attract and retain workers for manufacturing jobs.

A geofence is an imaginary border drawn around a prescribed area by a GPS tracking system. Once a geofence is created, it can function to trigger alerts and events as people cross the border or as a territory for targeted marketing actions.

“It was a pleasure to meet and listen to ideas presented by Illinois College students who engage in work on behalf of the Jacksonville Regional Economic Development Corporation,” said Kristin Jamison, President, JREDC. “Gaining new perspectives is valuable in an ever-changing economic landscape, and I appreciate the effort of these three students in offering techniques to increase our regional workforce.”

Jacey Nall graduated in May with a degree in Business Administration with plans to attend aesthetician school at the Skin Institute of St. Louis. “This project was a requirement for our Senior Capstone class which we have to take as business majors,” said Nall. “This project was definitely difficult. For my major, it is important to be professional, knowledgeable and prepared whenever you are presenting information. This project made me be all three of those characteristics and allowed me to push myself even when things were tough.”

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