Shelby County Industrial & Development Foundation Promotes Workforce Development With PlaceVR Technology

Shelby County Industrial & Development Foundation Promotes Workforce Development With PlaceVR Technology Main Photo

22 Nov 2021

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360-Degree VR Videos to Engage Local Businesses, Workforce, and Students 

SHELBYVILLE, KY -- Shelby County Industrial & Development Foundation (SCIDF) has found a way to keep moving forward with economic development progress despite the COVID-19 pandemic with PlaceVR technology. The organization just released a series of 360-degree VR videos that enables them to take viewers on a tour of local businesses and gain the interest of students and job seekers.

SCIDF looks forward to being able to introduce careers to students, reaching a much larger audience, especially since taking students into industrial settings is sometimes no longer an option with COVID-19 restrictions.

When watching the videos, viewers can look all around and up and down, as if they were in the middle of the scene. Their brain has a response that mimics what would happen if they were really in that place. The result is that their message about opportunities in Shelby County, KY will be understood, remembered, and leave viewers ready for the next step.

“I was first introduced to the concept of 360-degree VR video at a Kentucky Association for Economic Development (KAED) conference,” said Libby Adams, Executive Director of Shelby County Industrial & Development Foundation. “Golden Shovel was giving live presentations and I thought it would be a great format to help in career exploration for both students in our local high schools and adult job seekers.”

SCIDF collaborated with Golden Shovel Agency to create a series of five videos, targeted at students and job seekers that will reach a much larger audience with a message that will stick.

“The PlaceVR division of Golden Shovel Agency isn’t just about video or virtual reality,” said Aaron Brossoit, CEO of Golden Shovel Agency. “It’s our mission to explore all kinds of technology to help clients develop and use visual content to move their economic development goals forward.”

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SHELBY COUNTY INDUSTRIAL & DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION persists in its efforts to recruit sound and environmentally friendly companies and to assist all existing companies in expanding and growing their business. Its goal is to help provide jobs and careers for the residents of Shelbyville, Simpsonville, and Shelby County, Kentucky.

GOLDEN SHOVEL AGENCY’S PLACEVR is a full-service economic development firm specializing in workforce attraction for economic and community development. PlaceVR is a revolutionary new approach to economic development that harnesses emerging 360-degree video and virtual reality technologies to create immersive experiences that drive business and workforce recruitment. Its productions combine a depth of experience in both virtual reality production, marketing, and communications to bring to life an entirely new strategy for attracting businesses, talent, and visitors.