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Joseph Widenhofer

Lead Copywriter

Department: Content

Joseph Widenhofer, Lead Copywriter, has been with Golden Shovel Agency since March of 2023. He has his Bachelor of Science in Special Education from Ohio State University. After teaching high schoolers with multiple disabilities, Joseph made the career shift to become a copywriter. During the pandemic, he developed his writing skills, took online courses, and met with other writers.

Joseph’s day-to-day responsibilities include creating, researching, and writing content for economic development organizations. He also meets with clients to determine the best things to share about their community or region.

Joseph’s favorite thing about working with economic development organizations is learning about the different regions across the country and helping others learn more about the hidden world of economic development.

Joseph is currently located in Columbus, OH. When he’s not writing, he enjoys practicing ballroom dancing skills, being physically active, and trying new things with his wife. Outside of economic development, he loves learning about personal finance, investing, history, and reading science fiction.

For questions about your content, you can reach Joseph  Widenhofer at