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Sommer Berg

Website Population & Launch Manager

Department: Development

Sommer Berg, Website Population & Launch Manager, has a Master of Library and Information Science in Libraries and Information Agencies and a Master of Science in Industrial Design & Technology with an Online Learning specialization.

Sommer’s day-to-day responsibilities include managing the population portion of website projects, reviewing sites in the soft launch phase and working with clients through the review process. She also acts as a Gatekeeper for technical support. 

Sommer’s favorite thing about working with economic development organizations is getting introduced to new cities/counties and seeing what they are proud of via their featured small businesses, restaurants, and economic development successes. As someone who loves to travel, she feels as if she’s getting to know more about this beautiful world one new place at a time by working on client websites.

Sommer currently lives with her husband, toddler son (George), and calico cat (Pearl) in snowy Minneapolis (recently moved from beautiful Monterey CA). She loves to cook and has perfected the art of meal planning on a Google Calendar. She enjoys spending time on the EWG.org website in her never-ending quest to detoxify her home and protect the environment. Most importantly, Sommer loves playing with her very funny little boy, who at the age of two, has already figured out how to make his own jokes through playing.

Clients working with Sommer Berg can reach her at sberg@goldenshovelagency.com.