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Ernie Gonzalez

PlaceVR Video Editor

Department: Video

Ernie Gonzalez, Video Editor, has been with Golden Shovel Agency since 2018. Ernie has degrees in Radio, TV, and Video and Film from the University of Central Florida and the University of Miami. He has been shooting and editing videos for over thirty years and has had the privilege of working with a lot of nonprofit organizations.

Ernie’s day-to-day responsibilities include working with the PlaceVR team, and editing video content for communities and regions around the world. His favorite project so far has been working with a Kentucky client, editing clips that highlighted the many diverse job opportunities that are being promoted in the area.

Ernie’s favorite thing about working with economic development organizations is seeing the hidden treasure of possibilities. Ernie enjoys editing and putting together all the pieces of the video puzzle for clients and helping them promote their community.

Ernie is currently located in South Florida. In his free time, he enjoys hobbies such as music and woodworking. He also loves the ocean and when possible, tries to go out for a swim.

If you have any questions about your PlaceVR video, you can contact Ernie Gonzalez at