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Caitlin Renton


Department: Content

Caitlin Renton, Copywriter, has a Bachelor of Art in Journalism from Oakland University. She has experience writing articles for different news sources including The Oakland Press and is the owner of, and primary reporter, for

Caitlin’s day-to-day responsibilities include researching and creating quality of life content about specific cities for clients.

Caitlin has a passion for writing about various cities and always finds it fun to discover tidbits about specific areas. Caitlin looks forward to working with economic development organizations because they are important to the city that they serve. When she writes a piece about a community, it’s not only interesting to her but will also be helpful to others who are moving to or visiting the area. Economic development organizations are focused on their community and Caitlin likes to know that she’s assisting with that in some way.

Caitlin is currently located in Birmingham, MI. She loves exploring new places, whether it be a downtown area, a unique thrift store, or a park. Walking through park trails is one of her favorite things to do and keeps her relaxed. She loves to craft and try to upcycle when she can. She enjoys reading, especially horror novels. Sometimes, she just loves a night-in making mischief with or simply snuggling with her cats.

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