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Chuck Friedbauer

Director of Content Management

Department: Content

Chuck Friedbauer, Director of Content Management, has been with Golden Shovel since October 2019 and has quickly grown from Copywriter to Director of Content Management. Prior to Golden Shovel, Chuck had 13 years of experience as a journalist and content writer. He also has a degree in Chemical Engineering and was a Chemical Engineer for 12 years.

Chuck’s day-to-day responsibilities include managing the writing team by troubleshooting and solving client challenges as they pertain to content deliverables and writer assignments. He is also responsible for writing ongoing economic development promotional content and website redevelopment content for various clients around the country. The satisfaction he gets from helping communities improve their economic well-being and quality of life makes every project enjoyable.

Chuck’s favorite thing about working with economic development organizations is combining his technical background with inspiring stories of economic success in communities across the country.

Chuck is currently located in the Minneapolis, MN area. In his free time, he enjoys fly fishing, backpacking, and being outdoors in general.

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