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Victor Perez

Director of Communications & Database Administrator

Department: Communications

Victor Perez, Director of Communications & Database Administrator, has been with Golden Shovel Agency since 2011 and has held several positions with the company. Victor earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management and had a professional career spanning over 20 years prior to joining Golden Shovel. His experience in different industries includes customer-focused services and hospitality/tourism where he led teams. Customer service has always been his main goal and also his biggest area of expertise. In addition, Victor also has certifications in HubSpot Marketing Software, Inbound Marketing (HubSpot), and Advanced Google Analytics.

Victor’s day-to-day responsibilities include providing support to clients and team members, implementing new processes and reporting procedures, managing databases, and handling internal/external communications and logistic procedures including the GateKeeper team, sales, accounting, marketing, logistics, and Economic Gateway admin processes. Victor also plays an active role in the PlaceVR team. Whatever he’s doing, he enjoys working in all aspects of the company.

Victor’s favorite thing about working with economic development is the idea of being able to help others with their efforts in the growing economy and enhancing prosperity and quality of life. If he can contribute to that, even at a small scale by sharing some of what he’s learned so far on his path through the economic development ecosystem, it feels like a total success. And that’s very enjoyable and satisfying.

Victor is currently located in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. He loves to spend his spare time with the family, whether that’s watching a movie (he’s a big movie fan), cooking a new dish at home, or exploring a tiny village in the middle of nowhere. He also enjoys installing and repairing things at home.

Any clients with questions related to processes, analytics, or PlaceVR video can contact Victor Perez at