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Amanda Jenkins

Director of Remote Work and Recruitment

Department: GateKeeper

Amanda Jenkins, Director of Remote Work and Recruitment, has been with Golden Shovel Agency since January 2020. She is also a co-host of our podcast, ShovelTalk, and manages GateKeeper clients. Prior to working for Golden Shovel, she was an Economic Developer, Mayor, and City Councilmember in rural CA, where she also worked with the Chamber of Commerce and nonprofits, and as a staffing consultant. Amanda has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from American Intercontinental University.

Amanda’s day-to-day responsibilities include posting available jobs, sourcing and screening candidates, providing support to management for training/onboarding, and creating and supporting a remote work strategy and company culture that aligns with the organizational structure and goals of the company.

As a client manager and podcast host, Amanda conducts monthly meetings with clients, manages websites and content requests, and interviews guests for the podcast. Her favorite project so far was speaking to economic development professionals virtually at the Mid-America EDC conference on why and how to include remote workers and digital nomads in an economic development strategy.

Amanda’s favorite thing about working with economic development organizations is being able to see the variety of strategies EDOs use to attract business and talent to their community and learning what makes each community stand out.

Amanda is currently living as a digital nomad and is slow-traveling around the world. Her “home” has included Mexico, Belize, Kenya, South Africa, and 12+ countries across Europe! Her hobbies include yoga, weight-lifting, water sports, writing about travel and remote work, and participating in volunteer projects and remote worker programs around the world.

If you have any questions about your website, open positions, remote work, or if you’d like to ask about her digital nomad lifestyle, you can reach Amanda Jenkins at