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Amanda Jenkins

GateKeeper Client Manager

Department: GateKeeper

Amanda Jenkins, GateKeeper Client Manager, has been with Golden Shovel Agency since January 2020. She is also co-host of our podcast, ShovelTalk. Amanda has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Marketing. Prior to working for Golden Shovel, she was an Economic Developer, Mayor, and City Councilmember in rural CA where she also worked with the Chamber of Commerce and nonprofits, and as a staffing consultant.

Amanda’s day-to-day responsibilities include monthly meetings with clients, managing websites and updated requests, managing content requests, making content recommendations based on trending topics and client conversations, and reviewing analytics and website performance with clients. Her favorite project so far has been co-hosting the ShovelTalk podcast, as she gets to meet amazing people from all over the country who positively affect economic development. The podcast hosts give them a chance to not only share their projects but also show their personalities and learn about their career paths and life story.

Amanda’s favorite thing about working with economic development organizations is when January rolls around and she gets to revisit goals and brainstorm new content plans with clients. She enjoys mapping out ways to tell their unique story over the coming year.

Amanda is currently living as a digital nomad and slow-traveling around the world. Her “home” has included several cities in Mexico and Belize, Africa, and more! Her hobbies include travel blogging and testing out remote worker programs to write about and review for new and future remote workers considering the nomad lifestyle or looking for a short-term remote worker getaway. She also loves yoga, scuba diving, standup paddleboarding, and participating in volunteer projects around the world.

If you have any questions about your website, content, or contract, or if you’d like to ask about her digital nomad lifestyle, you can reach Amanda Jenkins at ajenkins@goldenshovelagency.com.


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