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Ron Kresha


Department: Leadership

Ron Kresha, Chief Operating Officer, is a founding member who helped start Golden Shovel Agency on the premise that every community deserves to be recognized and to have the tools needed to compete for businesses and jobs. He is committed to providing services that improve communities and people’s lives. Ron refers to himself as a serial entrepreneur who has been told he’s “too stupid to know how to fail”. He wears that as a badge of honor as a person who never quits on people, companies, or communities.

Ron’s day-to-day responsibilities involve a lot of spreadsheets and numbers. He spends his time analyzing economic development trends, and marketing statistics and listening to feedback from clients to improve our services. A large part of his role is also managing the very talented team at Golden Shovel Agency. Ron enjoys working on all types of unique projects within the company and enjoys meeting new people, and learning about their communities, and the challenges they face.

Ron’s favorite thing about working with economic development organizations is the people. He absolutely loves the people. Golden Shovel helps community leaders grow their communities and give back. He loves being part of those success stories.

Ron currently lives in Little Falls, MN, which is where the Golden Shovel headquarters are located. In his free time, one of his passions is building wooden games - he likes to find unique games from around the world and recreate them in his woodshop. Ron is also a pilot and does not rock climb in his spare time.

For any questions about Golden Shovel Agency, you can contact Ron Kresha at