Focus your Economic Development Marketing Strategy with Golden Shovel Agency!

A customized economic development strategy is critical to understanding where your community wants to go and what it will take to get there. Without a plan to solve fundamental challenges like workforce, housing and attraction, your community may find itself headed in an unknown direction. While economic developers know all about the act of strategic planning, it is still time-consuming and can be overwhelming. This can lead some to skip the planning process altogether. Golden Shovel can facilitate the strategic planning process so that you can better manage your daily task list. 

Economic Development Strategic Planning Support

Golden Shovel Agency can provide the on-the-ground support your need to facilitate stakeholder engagement sessions and lead your strategic planning efforts. We also conduct community surveys, one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders, and conduct research that can be used to inform your decision-making process. Our strategic plans can be used to address critical issues like housing and workforce shortages or to create long-term strategic plans for overall economic growth.

Economic Development Marketing Strategies

Our strategy services identify your community’s unique attributes, opportunities, programs, and features and tie them to the strategic goals. The Golden Shovel Agency team of expert marketers and experienced economic development personnel will create the key messaging necessary to resonate with business owners and individuals in defined targets.

The same individuals will assist your team with implementing said messaging with Golden Shovel Agency’s marketing services. Specific economic development strategies range from attracting traditional commercial and manufacturing businesses, including office, retail, and R&D, to focusing on global export/import businesses. Golden Shovel Agency will work with key local stakeholders to develop customized strategies based on your needs and budget requirements for the defined targets of your community. The underlying strength of those strategies will be the unique community development goals and competitive advantages that ultimately will help diversify the local economy and drive growth.

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