Economic Recovery in a Post-Pandemic World

Facilitate Local Economic Recovery with a Ready-to-Go Communications Strategy

A COVID-19 Media Toolkit: How to Prepare to Reopen Your Community

COVID-19 has temporarily halted daily life, impacting how we do business and interact together in our communities. As businesses reopen, there isn’t going to be a return to normal for many of them any time soon. That's not all. This is a brand new experience for everyone and people's expectations for how reopening will take place are going to be all over the board.

As an economic development leader in your community, you can help facilitate the reopening of local businesses and places of employment by acting as a conduit of helpful information. When you make your website and social media channels the go-to places where people can find out what's happening, you gain the opportunity to not only build realistic expectations but deflate tension at the same time.

Inside the Toolkit is a Ready-To-Go Communications Strategy

Request your copy of our COVID-19 Media Toolkit: How to Prepare to Reopen Your Community and you'll get the resources you need to assess the needs of local businesses, identify communication goals and audiences, and implement a communications strategy to support your overall economic recovery efforts.

Here’s what you’ll get in the toolkit:

  • Community needs survey
  • Communications planning templates
  • 8 Informational articles for your website and newsletters
  • 10 Press release templates for reopening announcements
  • 36+ Social media posts and 24 graphics

60+ Pages of Resources to Rebuild Confidence and trust in Local Businesses

Here at Golden Shovel Agency, it's our business to create and implement communications strategies that help our clients meet their goals for growing vibrant communities. We design economic development websites and create effective communications strategies using the latest digital marketing best practices. 

We're offering this resource for FREE because we understand that your plate is full, and you don't have time to start from scratch.

Get your copy of the COVID-19 Media Toolkit: How to Prepare to Reopen Your Community by completing the form on this page.

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