A Creative Extension of Your Team

Imagine you had an extra designer, copywriter, or programmer on your staff. Someone who knew your organizational strategy, the strengths and weaknesses of your location, the needs and interests of your target industries. How would you put them to work? How could they help you succeed?

At Golden Shovel, our approach is to provide you with that extra assistance—embedded creative staff who understand the world of economic development. Our services include the following:


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Content & Strategy

Our emphasis is on narrative placemaking—discovering the stories that illustrate the unique features and opportunities of your region. This approach goes beyond simply promoting available sites or individual programming; narrative placemaking positions your location in the larger landscape of economic development opportunities.

  • Content & Strategy offerings include:
  • Content Strategy and Communications Plan
  • Content Creation and Publishing
  • Ongoing Training & Support
  • Marketing

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Economic Gateway Websites

The technology that powers the Economic Gateway is tailored for economic development organizations. Each module is built to serve specific goals and needs common to economic development organizations. These modules are versatile to meet the varied needs of communities and organizations of all sizes, keeping your content dynamic and interactive.

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Creative Services

Your brand is the living embodiment of every impression you make on your audiences, your stakeholders, and the world at large. As such, it’s a vital tool not only in projecting the image of your organization, but in accomplishing your strategy and goals. Golden Shovel can develop or refresh your brand, and then help you apply it across a variety of platforms.

  • Core Creative Services include:
  • Brand Development
  • Sell Sheets, Collateral, and other Print Materials
  • Trade Show Booth & Signage
  • Copywriting

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