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Recently Released Roanoke County Opportunity Zone Prospectus Promotes Local Investment Potential

Recently Released Roanoke County Opportunity Zone Prospectus Promotes Local Investment Potential Main Photo

2 Aug 2021

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ROANOKE, VA -- The Roanoke County Department of Economic Development announced the release of the Roanoke County Opportunity Zone Prospectus. The Prospectus highlights the designated census tract in Roanoke County to potential Opportunity Zone investors and developers.

Opportunity Zones are low-income census tracts designated by governors and certified by the U.S. Department of the Treasury offering investors a tax-free investment vehicle that creates an additional tax base and jobs.

The Opportunity Zone Prospectus for Roanoke County is a research-based document that can be used to engage interested investors from Roanoke County and beyond as well as larger investors who are entering the Opportunity Zone investing market.

“The Roanoke County Opportunity Zone provides a variety of industrial, commercial, and residential development opportunities for investors seeking a highly desirable location in a growing and dynamic community,” said Loope. “The diversity of the Opportunity Zone, combined with a motivated, pro-business approach creates a winning proposition for success.”

Roanoke County is a prime location for businesses looking to grow in Virginia who want access to major southern markets like Raleigh/Durham, Charlotte, and Atlanta. Located off of I-81, Roanoke County provides this access along with the benefits that come from locating in a pro-growth, pro-development community.

The Roanoke County Opportunity Zone can drive investments in commercial, housing, and mixed-use projects. This can foster mixed-income households and households with new Americans. Investments are expected to drive equitable growth and prosperity for current residents within the Opportunity Zone.

Roanoke County, VA Economic Development consulted with Golden Shovel Agency, a national economic development communications firm on the project.

You can learn more about Roanoke County’s Opportunity Zone and view the Prospectus here.

For more information, contact Jill Loope, Director of Economic Development, at



ROANOKE COUNTY, VA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT is a dynamic and interconnected community, rich in talent, diversity, and experiences. The location choice for high-quality living, visiting, and investing. Its mission is to attract and facilitate the growth of innovative businesses, jobs, and population that increase taxable investment and ensure sustainable world-class community resources.

GOLDEN SHOVEL AGENCY is a full-service economic development marketing agency. Whether the goal is to attract and support great businesses or great talent, we are your specialists in the industry. We’ve helped hundreds of communities across North America to shape and tell their stories in order to strengthen the vitality of their regional economies.

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