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Greater Springfield Partnership Launches Newly Designed Website

Greater Springfield Partnership Launches Newly Designed Website Main Photo

31 Mar 2021

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SPRINGFIELD, OH -- The Greater Springfield Partnership recently launched a newly designed website to further strengthen its online presence and economic growth. The newly designed website is very intuitive and well-organized. The user experience is elevated to a point where everything is just one click away.

"Our old site was not very effective at telling our story- or enticing new members - in a streamlined fashion. It was very difficult for a web visitor to find what they were looking for very quickly," said Christopher Shutter, VP of Destination Marketing & Communications at the Greater Springfield Partnership. "Our main goal for the new website was twofold: ease of use, and maximizing its potential as a tool for membership sales."

In addition, the new website houses many resources, tools, and features, for example, publications, videos, news, and branding. In particular, The Greater Springfield Partnership team wanted a better way to share their upcoming events. The new website now features an events calendar in a prime location. It is important that members can see events at a glance so that they can maximize their membership. Now the team is happy to direct its members to the newly designed website, which is their number one source of information.

The Greater Springfield Partnership collaborated with Golden Shovel Agency for its design project. The national economic development communications firm is recognized for its award-winning design and expertise in business and workforce attraction. "The Golden Shovel team is fantastic to work with from start to launch. The team is very responsive to questions and quick to make updates. We're looking forward to the ongoing concierge service to help keep the new site looking and functioning great!"

"Working with the Greater Springfield Partnership on this design project has been a great experience and this website will be a great asset for showcasing all that the region has to offer," said Aaron Brossoit, CEO of Golden Shovel Agency.

You can view the new website here.



THE GREATER SPRINGFIELD PARTNERSHIP is the collective voice of 800 companies that represent 15,000 employees in the community. It believes a vibrant Springfield is a catalyst for a thriving community. It's up to everyone who stands to benefit from positive progress, and they look to the Partnership for leadership. This is the leading organization that encourages people to visit, meet, and expand economic development and considers companies "investors" in the success of the Greater Springfield community. Learn more here.

GOLDEN SHOVEL AGENCY is a full-service economic development marketing agency. Whether the goal is to attract and support great businesses or great talent, we are your specialists in the industry. We've helped hundreds of communities across North America to shape and tell their stories in order to strengthen the vitality of their regional economies. Learn more here.

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